The passion I feel for the Biewer terriers was instantaneous from the moment I set my eyes on a Biewer puppy many years ago.

As a companion most owners prefer to have the Biewer Terrier in a "perpetual puppy cut." A bath at home about every two to three weeks will maintain a healthy coat if it is combed out with a wire comb once a week.

Show Coat: The Biewer Terrier will develop a coat that reaches the ground. You can wrap the coat to produce a very impressive elegant floor-length coat for the show ring. Their coat is very similar to human hair, but it is not suggested to use human shampoo as dogs have a different pH than humans. Using human shampoo can result in dry, itchy, flaking and sometimes allergic reactions in their skin. It is best to always brush the Biewer that has been sprayed with a light mixture of conditioner and water. Never brush a Biewer Terrier when it is completely dry as it may damage the coat. Ears should stand erect as young puppies. To keep them erect they must be trimmed every few weeks. By beginning about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the ear, carefully snip or shave, with a trimmer finisher, the hair from the inner and outer ear surfaces.